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BRS facial spa cancellation policy


What if I'm sick?                   


Running Late?


Need to reschedule?

Cancellation Policy


Before reading the cancellation policy please understand that these policies must be in place in order to schedule clients in a timely manner, as well as providing the ability to maintain a full book, and to protect clients from other ill patrons.  These policies are not meant to punish or inconvenience, they are simply in place to protect all concerned.  No-Shows or last minute cancellations will not be invited to return.

If this sounds harsh, ask yourself this, "Do you report to work for fee, or for no pay?"   This happens in this industry more than you can imagine. 


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Your treatments are reserved especially for you.  I value your business and ask that you respect the spa's scheduling policies. All appointments cancelled without a minimum of 24 hour notice will be responsible for paying a fee of $120 before any other service can be booked, and even if no future services are requested or scheduled.  If you purchased a special deal and did not give at least 24 hour notice of your cancellation, your coupon value will be redeemable for products only, not services.  When you book an appointment you are agreeing to these policies.


What if I’m sick? 

Please do not come in for your service if you are sick.  This puts others at risk.  If you arrive sick you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.  Usually there is no charge if you wake up sick and have to cancel, but there are exceptions. If you wake up sick please call or text 909-626-0222 right away so there is time to fill the opening.......or a friend can take your place so you can avoid a late cancellation fee.  Unfortunately sometimes people call the morning or an hour before their appointment.  This leaves no time to fill the opening.  If you wake up sick call or text 909-626-0222 before 8am  to avoid being charged.  If you wait until the last minute there is no choice but to charge for the last minute cancellation, even if you are sick.  I report to work based on appointments.  I drove more than an hour both ways, this cost both time and money if not cancelled in a timely manner.

What if I'm running late?

Usually up to 10 minutes late can be accommodated. This means on the facial bed ready for treatment to start, not walking in the door.  More than 10 minutes late will need to be rescheduled.  Your scheduled appointment time is taken very seriously and NEVER runs over into another client's scheduled appointment. Please understand that if you are running late your scheduled time is still the same, your service will end at the originally scheduled time, and not later.  This is to avoid inconveniencing other clients.  If you think you may be more than 10 minutes late please call, as you may need to be rescheduled.  This will save you a trip :-) 


Common misconceptions cleared up


If I cancel but reschedule then it's all good, right? 

Unfortunately this is not accurate, here's why.  If you have an appointment cancelled at the last minute, or do not show up, I have lost an entire hour of which I do  not get paid, as well as a lost opportunity to fill that spot with someone else.  To reschedule you for another appointment  you are taking 2  appointment slots but only paying for one. This is why you are charged for last minute cancellations.  No-Shows and last minute cancellations are a factor in determining the price for your services. Showing up, as scheduled, helps to keep prices from rising.  


I can't help it if something comes up, I shouldn't have to pay you if you didn't give me a service.

This is why your appointments are always confirmed in advance.   Of course it is understood, that every now and then, things happen at the last minute.  Often times product  is wasted due to a late cancellation, many services require pre-setup.  Once product is set aside it cannot be re-used and must be thrown away, this is money down the drain.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis


Can I send a friend in my place so I do not have to pay for the missed appointment?

Yes you may send a friend as long as he/she is informed the treatment will be charged to he/she on the day of service.


How do I pay for my missed appointment?  

The card on your intake form will be charged.  If your card has expired or is invalid for any reason you will be asked to pay over the phone by credit card or ATM.  If all else fails you will be sent a bill and/or sent to collections if ignored. 

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