Nano Technology Facial Treatment

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Much more powerful than Rezenerate. Purchase, at special price, online by clicking here.
The Nano Technology Treatment Facial is good for all skin types. This is a great treatment to rotate into your monthly cycling & maintenance visits. It is especially good for those of you have received the Collagen Induction Series. This is an enjoyable and completely comfortable (even relaxing) treatment to receive. The benefits go beyond what any treatment mask can offer. Not unlike Collagen Induction, this treatment will push deep into the skin (at a cellular level) a very potent induction serum. This treatment is especially great to enhance your skin after a peel or other deeper service. This is the perfect way to dial up your results. This offer can be purchased at the introductory price only through January.

Completely Hydrates
Plumps Lips
Softens and fills in under eye area
Gently Exfoliates

Offered at $170


365 S. Mountain Ave

Upland Ca 91786

Inside Optima Salon Suites

Suite #26​

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