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Treatment Cycling

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What is the best course of action to improve my skin health & appearance?

There are many things that everybody can do to assist in aging more gracefully and beautifully. BRS has put together the perfect program to address all areas of aging skin.


As you age, your cell turnover rate slows dramatically, your collagen production slows and your elasticity weakens. As a result, you will eventually notice more fine lines and wrinkles, color and tone changes, texture changes, less radiance and a more dull, sallow appearance to your skin. Don't worry, all of these things can be helped with Treatment Cycling.


The first step is to get started on the correct skin care regimen of Beautiful Radiant Skin Products to properly prepare your skin for the services you will receive. Product recommendations are made at your first visit. For best results it is essential to use the products, coupled with the treatments.


Cycling your treatments is similar to what happens when you exercise any part of your body. For example, when you lift weights the sore muscles you feel afterwards is from the damage caused while exercising. As the muscles heal they become stronger and tighter. As with exercise, your skin needs cycled treatments to insure continued improvement. Some of the treatments you will receive will create a controlled damage, others will be nourishing. This constant change creates just that............constant & continuous improvement to the condition of your skin.

Recommended Treatment Cycling Program

Modality Facial $120

Pumpkin Power Peel Treatment $170

Nano Technology Treatment $170- $200


Modality Plus Turmeric Brightening $140


CIT (Collagen Induction Treatment) $200-$299

Dermaplaning + Hydrating treatment $170-$230


Vitamin-C & Cellular Infusion $170


Add Progressive Peel at home $160


TCA Peel if needed, If not skip it. Priced per layers applied $120-$320


Start the rotation over

The above list of treatments is continually rotating. Each visit will focus on a different treatment so that all areas of your skin's health are addressed and improved. For most clients the treatments will cycle in the order listed above.

peptide face 1.jpg

What if I can't do the treatments as recommended?

For best and lasting results it is recommended to follow the Treatment Cycling Program as it is designed. If this is not possible you can receive treatments in a modified manner, nothing is pushed on you. I respect your time and your budget and will meet you where you are. For those who cannot follow the plan your results will not be as dramatic, and some skin conditions will require more intense treatments for changes to occur.


BRS has put together the best combination of treatments to achieve noticeable and lasting changes to the condition and appearance of your skin. With a commitment to the process you will see noticeable improvements. Check the website for testimonials from clients who have been coming to BRS for years.


As mentioned above, changing the condition of your skin will require a commitment, from you, to use the products as recommended and to stay loyal to your appointments as they are scheduled.


What exercise is to your body is what BRS facial spa is for your skin, only here I do all the hard work for you.


"Consider this place the gym for your face"

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