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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cathy for talking me into using the Progressive Peel.  I have used it for a couple of weeks and I love how it works already. I like the peeling isn't really noticeable to other people.  I always shy away from peels because they look so bad while they are peeling.  This peel is different.  I can feel it, but nobody can really see it happening.  It's hard to explain. My skin feels so much better already.

Patricia H.


I just finished my 5th Collagen Induction treatment with Cathy.  My daughter noticed a big difference in my skin.  This made me so happy.  I have not seen her for a few months because she is away at college.  She was unable to come home for the holidays.  When she arrived in early january she noticed right away.  That made my year!!  I still have 3 more appointments to go.  I am very excited to see the differences in my skin.  I 100% recommend this treatment.

Theresa F.



Finally.  Someone who knows what I need!  My face has, literally, transformed.  Cathy is always doing something different.  I feel like this approach helps my skin look its best.  I am looking forward to starting the Collagen Induction Series at my next visit.

Annie E.


I have been seeing Cathy for over 10 years.  I have followed her to each new location.  This newest location is just as great as all the others.  I had to stop seeing Cathy for a while in late 2017 due to health issues and costs.  I was able to get back to my monthly facials in 2018.  I cannot believe how much better my skin looks.  In all fairness I went through some rough patches with my health, but my skin sure did take a hit.  I feel I am back on track now.  Thank you Cathy!

Dina R.



I had my first facial this week, with Cathy.  My skin feels great.  It was nice that she used whatever treatments she needed to use without charging me more.  I think she called it the moldality?  My skin feels softer and looks brighter.  Looking forward to my next appointment.  She was not pushy with products.  She told me about her products but didn't pressure me, I like that a lot.

Loraine V.


I always receive the most wonderful services from Cathy.  My favorite thing is I do not need to worry about which treatment I should be getting.  Cathy keeps a chart for me and always knows what is best when I show up for my appointment.

Beckie F.



I can't say enough about these products. I've always taken care of my skin, but these products have taken the health look and feel of my skin to a whole new level. For the first time ever, I can feel my skin breath. It's never too late to love your skin, and a little bit goes a long way!!  These products are WONDERFUL! My skin feels so clean and healthy after using the exfoliating scrub and my lips look and feel healthy and hydrated!!

Julie C


Cathy, thank you for taking care of my face all these years. People are always telling me how great my face looks! I tell them it’s because of you and your products. Thanks for your products and services. 😃 
🙏 your number 

Denise L


I receive so many compliments on the condition of my skin. This is something that has never happened before going to BRS to see Cathy.  I have seen Cathy for 5 years and she has single handedly transformed my skin.  I feel very good about my skin.  Every time I see her she is doing something different.  Every time I leave I feel great.  Thank you Cathy! 

Wilma W.


Cathy - I often get compliments on my skin. 😊 Your services, products, and professionalism are amazing!

Christine M


Full disclosure I went to high school with Cathie; that said when I asked her about my oily forehead she stepped up. Cathie was able to provide some solid advice, recommendations for controlling my oily face and products that did the trick. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and will reach out to her anytime I need assistance or help with skin conditions, she rocks, thanks, Cathie!

Lou M.


My girlfriend made me come here to take care of my face. I use the products & have less ingrown hairs & pimples.  That one that burns is pretty good, the vitamin-c peel or something.  It has helped scars I had from acne.  

Adam S.



GET THE COLLAGEN INDUCTION done here!  I used to pay 3x as much and got half the results.  What a gem BRS is.

Rosemary B.



The best place ever, always smells good, is super clean & Cathy is so pleasant to be around, and funny.  I am in the middle of the new treatment, the collagen induction.  I swear by it.  My skin  is already changing.

Sarah V.



Just finished a series of Collagen Induction.  It isn't a very pleasant experience, Cathy uses numbing stuff to make it more tolerable.  I am happy I did it.  I can see a big difference in the lines around my eyes and mouth and forehead.  My husband noticed too, rare. I like this place because she is making changes in my skin, for the better.  I am 44 years old trying to put off big medical stuff as long as I can.

Ellie S.



OMG! What a difference in my skin since seeing Cathy and using the products she recommended.  I don't break out anymore.  I can tell when it is time for my monthly facial, my face feels incredibly soft afterwards.  My makeup glides on effortlessly.  I am 55 years old, I have always gone for facials.  None of them made a difference, they were nice, but mostly just relaxing no skin improvements until I started coming to BRS.  I am hooked.

Chris A.



I'm in the process of having the Collagen Induction and I am LOVING it!  I have had 6 treatments and I can already see a difference.  My skin is smoother and wrinkles already look better.  I do not have to even wear foundation.  I like how Cathy is always on top of the good treatments that work.

Terri M. 


Cathy did my facial treatments today and it was absolutely perfect!! I felt refreshed and was glowing afterward! What sets Cathy apart is the fact that I left feeling better about my skin than I ever have. I have insecurities about my complexion and Cathy made me realize I in fact have healthy skin and I have been my own worst critic. I appreciate the honest feedback on her products too and felt absolutely no pressure to buy anything I didn't already want!!!

Amanda T.


So thankful I found this place. From the moment I walked in to the time I left, I learned so much from Cathy about my skin type and the treatment that is best for me. I have had skin issues since I was a teen and have tried every skin care product out there, yet still struggle with oily/dry skin. She identified my needs and I can honestly say my skin has never felt this soft. She has a customer for life and can't wait until my next visit! Thank you so much!

Ross M.


My skin looks amazing since I have been coming! I am doing the progressive peels and maintenance facials and love the results. The atmosphere is so relaxing, and it always smells like heaven in there! I have especially enjoyed the vitamin C facial. It really brightened my completion.

Nicole D.



I've been going to BRS for several years now and have been very happy with my skin. I recently decided to try the Collagen Induction Treatment because I'd been noticing some bags under my eyes and felt that my skin looked a little 'tired'. I was impressed with the results. There was a noticeable reduction in the bags as well as the wrinkles around my eyes. My skin also looks plumper and less tired.

Christine M.



I have been going to see Cathy at BRS facial salon for about a year-and-a-half. She is always very knowledgeable and professional. I always feel fresh after I see her and my skin is glowing I love her product line. I have tried most all other products lines with no success and a big hole in my wallet I love the results that I am continually seeing Thank you Cathy!

Golda A.



I have been going to Kathy for many years and she is helping me keep my skin Young. The collagen treatments that she has started our fabulous. I love all of her products and they really make a difference..... thank you for all the great ideas and treatments that you give they are all great and really have helped. You rock.... if you haven't tried her treatments or products you must make it a must you will not regret them.

Catrina F.


Cathy is every aging woman's dream. Her knowledge coupled with skill set is unparalleled. Went in for my first Collagen Induction treatment...asked so many questions during the procedure, some pertinent to the treatment, some general practice. Not only did she offer answers but explanations. Though the procedure was uncomfortable, she kept me distracted with what's going on in the skin care industry. Fascinating!  Cathy really enjoys what she does, not just for a living but for her clients. She thrives on the one on one contact, knowing who's lying in front of her. Have you seen Cathy???? I want to look like her when I'm in my 50's! 
Thank you Cathy!!!

Stacie D.



I've been neglecting my skin for too long and I'm excited to start getting regular facials and treatments from Cathy. She is amazing! My skin feels great and I Can't wait until next month for my next facial!

Vicki F.



Very rarely do I write a review for something, however I do feel strongly about the effectivness and superior quality of the facial services and the products. I have oily combination skin with large pores and have not found a facial or products that even match in the positive consistent difference BRS customization is doing for my skin.

Caroline K.



Cathy and her team are very knowledgeable. Since I started getting monthly facials and using their products, I've noticed improvements with my skin. The spa-like atmosphere makes it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience! I highly recommend both Cathy and Cindy.

Christine M.


So glad to have found BRS! Kathy is the best!!! My skin looks so much better since I've been coming to BRS.

Jan S.



Absolutely look forward to going there every time ! I've received many compliments since I started going to Cathy! She's exactly what I needed for my skin!! Thanks so much!!

Gricelda M.



I was amazed with my mid 40's co-workers skin. She recommended BRS. Loved the entire experience. Cindy was AWESOME. Product amazing. My skin has improved. I've been recommending them to my friends

Brittany R.



I love this place. I would never go to any other place again. Cathy is truly amazing at what she does and so as Cindy Bowie. I fall asleep every time and wake up with glowy skin. They know what they are doing. Hidden gem for sure.

Shana B.



I Love BRS Facial salon. Cathy is wonderful. I love going to my monthly visits I love products Kathy is very professional I have only been going to see Kathy for about 6 months but I see a big difference in my skin already I am thankful that I found BRS facial salon

Golda A



Had a lovely, long, relaxing first-time facial with Cindy. She was so sweet and pleasant to talk with. More importantly, though, she provided the most amazing facial. The products are all lightweight and silky and the tools are top of the line technology. The basic modalities facial included 3 cleanses, microdermabrasion, LED antibacterial light, high frequency light, and ultrasound. She also gave a nice scalp massage at the end. It was definitely worth the price. My face looks so clear and bright and I feel very relaxed. Highly recommend.

Kelsey L. Claremont



I was amazed with my mid 40's co workers skin. She highly recommended BRS. Cindy was amazing with the entire process from start to finish & I received a follow up call. The products have helped my skin tremendously. I've been recommending BRS to my friends.

Britney R. Riverside


I've been aware of how important skincare is and received facials since a young age. As my skin matured, I realized I needed more diverse treatments to target ageing and hyper-pigmentation. I've traveled to Manhattan Beach, Newport and everywhere in between before finding Cathy. With other locations, I was never truly 100% sold on their services. But after the first treatment with Cathy, I knew she was the aesthetician that would keep my loyalty.

Her honesty and passion about her work shows during each of my contacts with her. The modalities and skincare line she uses are fantastic because of their differing abilities to target various concerns to your skin. I've tried the expensive Obagi line to Dermalogica back in 1992, and am a huge fan of her Skincare line. You get a lot of bang for your buck, the products work and smell great and have made noticeable improvements in my skin. It's a compliment when someone asks if I've had injectables and I say "no", I just see Cathy on a monthly basis and use the skincare products.

Lastly, Cathy is very accommodating to us new mamas who find it hard to make it in monthly because of our little. Thank you for all you do and who you are Cathy!

Desiree C.


I really wanted to try this place but they have not yet answered or returned my phone call :(

Owner Response: 

Hello Johanna, we're sorry you had a hard time getting in touch with us.  As a rule we return calls between clients.Cindy Bowie was happy to schedule you today at 2pm, I believe she contacted you some time around 11am, shortly after you left your message.  However, we are disappointed you did not show up for your appointment and cancelled at the last minute.  As a rule we are not the type of business that can take clients on the same day, but today we did have the ability to see you.  We see our clients on an appointment only basis, most of our Estheticians are booked a few weeks in advance, we are a very busy treatment center, but we do always get back to our clients, who leave messages, in a timely manner.


I love how my skin looks and glows and "acts" with BRS products. I am seriously not Blowing smoke. The compliments! How can people be noticing ALREADY!??! I am so impressed!!! I want to shout it from the hilltops!!!

Gina G. Long Beach




I have been seeing Cathy now for 3 years she had made my skin look great. ... Her products are the best i feel sorry for all those people who spend money at the department stores. ... They are wasting their money. They need to find Cathy she is great. Thanks

Catrina F. Upland Ca.




I absolutely love BRS Salon and they're products. Cathy gave me my very first facial of my life when I was 57 yrs. old, I'm a true believer!

Carol Y. Claremont Ca





The Brightening Elixir rocks!!!  Smells wonderful and feels so so so soft and smooth.  Please make this in huge bottles so I can put it on my entire body.

Katherine K. Upland Ca





I am ashamed to say I never took very good care of my skin.  I never could pay for expensive skin care.  A friend of mine who lives in West Covina sees Cathy for her facials. she uses BRS products.  She told me they are not expensive and they work.  I finally ordered some for myself.  I think I was using them wrong at first.   I emailed BRS to ask some questoions and Cathy talked with me on SKYPE and showed me how to use each of the products, that was SO COOL!   BRS is so nice and they seem to really care.  My skin does look better, my husband says I look rested.  I wish I was rested, but at least now I can look rested.  Thank you BRS for all your help and for caring.  I have told all my friends about your products.

Pam C. Palmdale Ca




I've had great compliments since I had my first facial with Cathy and started using their products. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Toni C. Upland Ca




Cindy was my estitician for many busy life put my well being aside. A year ago I found Cindy again and BRS and their products are exceptional and radiant. Loving my skin again, without a dermatologist. Thank you Cindy & BRS

Sonya P. Upland Ca




I can't say enough about the caat treatments I get here.  I have had 6 treatments in the last 2 years. I'm 52 years old and have tried everything under the sun.  Laser, Botox, Peels, Dermaplaining you name it.  I still get Botox done about twice a year.  With these caat treatments my skin looks great!  Very highly recommend this.  As others have noted in their reviews, there is a noticable change, people see the difference.

Donna L. Claremont, Ca




I just finished the series of C.a.a.t. treatments.  I LOVED it, OMG!  My face is fuller and people have noticed.  I notice the difference mostly around my mouth and jaw, definately is lifted and fuller. I wanted to try this last year but did not get around to it.  I did it when they had the juice class and it was on sale.  It is expensive so I was not sure, it was worth it.  Thanks BRS for taking good care of me.  Been a customer since 2011.

Angie G.  San Dimas, Ca




I came here for the first time last night at the open house.  One of my friends comes here, she has been trying to get me to come for years.  I don't do facials or anything like that.  I made an appointment to come see Cathy, I will write a review after I see her.  She did spend a  lot of time with me at the open house.  We went to her office where she talked with me about my skin and her products.  I need to start taking better care of my skin, they seem to know what they are doing.  I got some samples of the products to try too :-)

Allison B. Upland, Ca




Great place, great service, kind knowledeable people, great products, pretty place, prices are good for what you get.  Different than otehr places I have been to.  I like it here, a little far to come but worth it, I made another appointment to come back. 

Michelle H. Covina, Ca




I recently finished chemotherapy for breast cancer.  My skin, hair, entire body is in bad shape.  I came here because I need something more than a facial with creams and hot towels.  Boy did I get something more than that!  I am working with Cathy on getting my skin back in shape, it used to be quite nice but recent events have taken a toll on my appearance.  I have been coming in every 2 weeks and I use the products too.  Cathy seems to know what I need each time she sees me.  Last time she did a lymphatic something or other that helped tremendously with  bags under my eyes.  She seems to have a machine or treatment or product for everything.  I am very impressed and very enthused that I found BRS facial spa.  I can't wait to see how much better my skin looks in a few more months of coming here.

Lydia K. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca



My first visit I did not know what to thinkl.  Cathy explained to me what was going to happen, but wow!  She must have used 4 or 5 machines on my face.  Never had a facial like that before.  My skin was super soft and glowing when I left.  She gave me samples of some products to use, they are very good, and smell nice.  Since my first visit I have used BRS products and I see Cathy twice a month for a modality facial.  My skin looks so much better.   That non-invasive facelift is AWESOME!!  I want her to use it every time.

Laura P. Claremont, Ca



I was going to another place for my facials for years.  Mostly liked going because it is relaxing, but never saw any difference in my skin. I tried BRS facial spa when the other place went out of business and have been loyal ever since.  It is relaxing but what I love the most is my skin looks much better than it did before.  They use machines and the products are wonderful.  I can see a difference when I look at old pictures.  That is the best way to see changes.  I'm a believer.

Kimberly G. Redlands, Ca




Love, love, love the new place!!  Such a pretty place and everybody is so kind and helpful.  My new favorite place.  The Multi-Vitamin Elixir smells so good and makes my skin feel so soft.  They let you try all the products too!

McKayla J. San Dimas, Ca




Been seeing Cathy for several years, wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.  Use the products too.  I always get compliments on  my skin.  All my friends and family see her too.  Best place, bar none.  It is different than any other place that offers facials.

Jessica H. San Marino, Ca




Not only has Cathy turned me onto the best facials ever, she has also taught me much about my health overall.  I am now an advid juicer thanks to learning about juicing from Cathy.  She has many relationships with other professionals to help with what people need.  She recommended a wonderful doctor to me to help me through menapause, she is just a wealth of information.  I enjoy my appointments and look forward to them all month.  The newest treatment I had was the caat.  I was a little freaked out at first, it is a strange process, but I absolutely LOVE this treatment.  My skin is SUPER glowy and fuller.  In fact my face was so much fuller my husband noticed it and asked what I did.  I was not sure if he meant that in a good way or not.  It filled in lines well.  The best part is not needing to wear much makeup, I feel good about how my skin looks now and the products to use at home are top notch!! 

Rosemary R. LaVerne, Ca




My partner sees Cathy every month for his facials.  He finally nagged me enough to make me get a facial.  I have been seeing Cathy every month since.  I don't know what I was expecting, for some reason I had no interest in this type of thing, but I do like it very  much.  My skin is much improved.  I do not get the ingorwn hairs I used to, and I do not break out nearly as much or as severely as I once did.  I like  the place is not overly femanine in its decor.  I pictured a place that does this type of service to have pink curtains and purple couches.  The decor is quite nice and comfortable for both men and women.  I give Cathy a thumbs up.  If you're a guy and think this is not for you, you should give it a try.

Brandon S. Pasadena, Ca




Not your mamas facial that is for sure.  All the equiptment and machines makes me feel like I am definately being tuned up.  Someone always notices how good my skin looks after a treatment, to me that's the best way to know if it is working.  Love BRS facial spa and Cathy.  Unique and it works.  If I had to choose a favorite treatment it would be the Carboxy one.  LOVE that one!!!  Super tingly.  My face looks so good after that one.

Theresa S., Claremont, Ca




I lost my job last year and had to stop getting my facials and using the products.  My face was not looking so good but I couldn't do anything about it.  I started a new job 5 months ago, thank you Jesus, then went back for products and face work.  What a difference.  If anybody thinks getting facials and using good products does not do anything just try not doing it for a while and see what happens.  My skin looks way better already.  Thrilled to be back.

Bonanza W. Chino, Ca




OMG!  The peel was amazing. I can't believe how much better my face looks after getting the peel package.  Thanks BRS

Marianne K. Redlands, Ca




My sister and I travel from San Clemente to see Cathy.  We met Cathy in San Clemente at Farmer Market and noticed her beautiful skin.  I had to ask her where she goes for her facials.  When she told me she has her own business in Claremont I did not think I would  go all the way out there.  I started talking with Cathy on SKYPE and she was always so nice, answered all my questions and spent time with me, and didn't charge me!  Finally I just had to go to her place.  I have been so happy with my results that I have told my sister and other friends about her place, they all see Cathy now.  We try to come out together, but her schedule gets so full it is not easy to work that out.  We usually come out on our own, it is  worth the trip, Claremont is a fun place to hang out.  Sometimes a group of us comes out, maybe 1 or 2 of us can get a facial while the others hang out in the Claremont.  Great place, great service, and I love her products too.  My skin has never looked better, please open one in the O.C. Cathy!!!!

Janet S. San Clemente, Ca




I have been seeing Cathy since 2010!  I must confess I have tried other places in between when she couldn't get me on her schedule.  I learned early on to make sure I schedule before I leave or I might not be able to get in.  Other places do a glorified face wash and massage, not here.  I don't even know what the all the equiptment is that she uses, but it works.  My husband and I were looking through old photos this weekend and he noticed that I look younger now then I did before!  Good enough for me.  This place is different, they really do specialize in anti-aging.  The products are the best, and I have tried so many.  Between the treatments and the products my skin looks younger and I am happy.

Diana F. Pasadena, Ca




My good friend goes here and keeps telling me to come.  I haven't done facials before.  Her skin keeps looking better all the time so I went.  I have been a few times, I go once a month.  My face is clearer, no more blackheads.  The products work great.  I do not have that combination skin like I used to have.  I used to be oily in some spots and dry in other spots, now it is all the same.  I don't use as much makeup because my skin looks healthy now.

Trina M. San Dimas, Ca




I got the CAAT treatment with Cathy 2 weeks ago.  She has been recommending it for me for months, but I was scared to try it.  I am very very very happy with my skin afterwards.  My face is so soft,  the color is lighter and I glow!!  People have noticed too.  I am now hooked on this.  The best part was seeing the difference in pictures I took.  You need to try this out.

Michelle H. Upland, Ca





The Owner Cathy is a God sent for me!! I truly mean that I started struggling with acne in my early 20's and it's been depressing I always hide my face when talking to people and I'm constantly embarrassed thinking others are staring at my face, Since I found Cathy and her products I don't shy away anymore and I'm no longer depressed!! My scars are going away and my acne isn't cystic anymore I'm so happy! I just had my second visit and I already notice a big difference!!! Thank you Cathy for being a blessing!!!!! The place is gorgeous and it smells amazing I'm always excited for my appointments! Cathy is kind hearted and caring and she is about the client and I love that and her!

Hanna Norco, Ca



A good friend came to see Cathy a couple of months ago and told me about this place.  I came in for a facial and back for the peel.  Oh my gosh, so much skin came off!  I got the whole package which meant after the peel I came back for the microdermabrasion and the C02.  My skin has been glowing ever since.  I just got the products 2 weeks ago, people at work have noticed.  My makeup goes on better too.  Very happy with such great results in so little time.  A little far to travel, but worth it, no other place like this near me.

Janet B., Pasadena Ca




I had to write to say Thank You to Cathy for beeing so honest with me about receiving the Non-Invasive Facelift treatment.  I have recently lost over 100 lbs (YAY) leaving my face droopy.  Cathy told me we cannot be sure what results, if any, would be gained with this treatment.  She recommended a full surgical facelift due to the reasons for the drooping is not caused from lack of muscle tightening but due to loose skin.  I decided to give the non-invasive facelift a try anyway, because I am not fond of surgery.  After 8 treatments I have seen significant and noticalbe difference in the lift around my jowels especially.  Friends have noticed and I feel so much better!  Sure it isn't as much lift as a full surgical facelift would have been but it it made a huge difference and I'm happy with that.  I can only assume if you don't have all the loose skin like I did the results would be even better.  I especially thank Cathy for being so honest with me and working with me anyway!  I will be returning for regular monthly facials while continuing to receice the non surgical facelift at each visit to keep everything in place.  BEST PLACE EVER!!!!

Roseanna S. LaVerne Ca




I'm a big fan of Cathy and all her products. After I had my second child, my hormones were out of control, so I broke out a lot. Cathy helped me find the right combination of products that calmed my face and made my glow come back. As for the treatments, they are so wonderfully relaxing. I took my daughter on another occasion and she keeps asking me when we are going back!

Mel C., San Diego Ca




Our family has been a client of Cathy's for three years. Having lived in this area for over 30 years I can say with honestly that Cathy is the go to person in the area for a quality facial for not only us but many of our friends. Her prices are fair and her personality makes it a delightfull part of your day to come in. Also the products she recomends are top notch.

Marvin P. Rancho Cucamonga Ca




BRS is the greatest place to go if you want to truly take care of your skin in a natural, healthy, atmosphere. Women of all ages are welcomed and Cathy does an excellent job in providing a thorough explanation of what is happening to one's skin at all ages. She makes you feel proud of who you are and provides options for treatments which helps one maintain a heathy glow and firmness without surgery. Yet, she is always open to discuss what other alternative are out there for consideration. I always look forward to my monthly visits. She is amazing~

D.V.  Claremont Ca



I always look forward to being greeted by the dewy perfection of complexion which is Cathy' s smile. Over the past years Cathy's diligence to a regimen of my skins improvement shines through. Family and friends have noticed the difference not only in the way I look but how I feel about my skin's healthy appearance. Going in for my treatments is luxuriating pamper time! I am treated with quality products and Cathy's thorough knowledge of techniques. Can't wait for my next peel..I am addicted to Cathy and her care for my skin's radiance. Thank you Cathy for providing your services, you are truly talented at what you do!

Andrea B. Claremont Ca



Without a doubt Cathy is amazing. First and foremost Cathy is concerned with her clients overall experience; from walking in the front door to the time spent with her in her treatment room. I have been a client for well over 4 years and have never experienced anything less than her undivided attention and my face is so much better for it. I would HIGHLY recommend Cathy and BRS and have to many of my friends.

Tama B. Rancho Cucamonga Ca



Updated - 3/22/2014 Cathy and BRS are worthy of more than five stars...more like 500! I have been getting facials and skin treatments for many many years and I have never been more loyal to an esthetician; I have been going to Cathy exclusively for almost two years. First and foremost, Cathy is extremely knowledgeable; she knows about anatomy, hormones, chemicals and all of the various types of treatments and products that work the best for aging skin. Second, she is an ultimate professional; her salon is super clean, organized and peaceful. Cathy knows how to treat clients well and she is fun to be around. Finally, Cathy really cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure they receive the best treatment. When my hormones went out of whack a few months back, Cathy saw me every other day for spot treatments and was very concerned and helpful. (Cathy has great reviews on Yelp--one barely readable discordant review is completely off the mark and should be discounted completely.)

Diane S., Upland Ca



Ah, yes! As other yelpers have mentioned Cathy does quite an amazing job. Sometimes when I'm even laying there I just want to fall asleep because everything is just so soothing and serene. I absolutely love the aroma of all the products or formulas that she used on my skin and the next few days my skin was glowing. Another thing that I loved about Cathy was that she was just so competent and knew all the products front to back. She never once even tried to "up a sale" or pressure me into buying anything, which was great because I find that to be a little unprofessional and annoying.

Patty S. Rancho Cucamonga CA



I was lucky enough to discover Cathy and experience one of her heavenly treatments a few years ago. I have had many facials and Cathy stands out from the rest. Her skin treatment is based on your personal skin type. It isn't the same for everyone. Being in her care is a healing and restful experience. I felt beautiful and rejuvenated when I left. I moved out of the area and cannot continue to receive her personal care, but I am a loyal consumer of her skin care products. I have been using them for about six years. I feel like I am doing the best I can for my skin. She is always available for questions and concerns. Her products are quality and most affordable. They were formulated using her years of experience and knowledge. I take advantage of her mailing service to get them to me .I feel comfortable recommending Cathy to anyone who takes skin care seriously.

Lynda D. Auburn CA



I have been going to Cathy for now almost 2 years now and I feel she has been a great help in making me feel young and helping keep my face amazingly healthier and looking good. I have recommened her products and facial to lots of my friends. The product she has is amazing and should be shared with the world in major stores. I have tried many and hers works the best. I have people tell me all the time how good my skin looks. The treatments that I have had throughout the years have just enhanced my skin to become healthier and look younger. The other thing that I tell so many friends about and appreciate in Cathy is that if you don't need a treatment that you think you might need and she feels that your skin is good and you don't need it, she will tell you to save your money and do it another time when you need it. How many business' or owners would tell you that and tell you to save the money for a later time? NOT MANY THAT I KNOW. If you want a great facial or other services I truely recommend you to try Beautiful Radiant Skin out.....and the product for everyday use is the best you must try it, it works. Thanks Cathy.....

Tina F. Upland CA




I have been seeing Cathy for monthly facials and other treatments for 2 years now, and my skin as never looked better. I had dry, sun damaged skin and large pores and had tried every skin product on the market. My skin is also very sensitive so I needed someone that is well-educated and well-trained. Cathy has been in the business for a long time and continues to educate herself with the latest and best skin care and anti-aging treatments and products. Not only is Cathy very professional, but she is a truly great person with an awesome personality. I look forward to my monthly facials and know that she is doing what is best for my skin.

Jen B. Upland CA



BRS is as good as it gets. I have traveled to the top spas (Canyon ranch, Mirival, Auberge) and Cathy has created a facial experience that is second to NONE. A full hour of attention based on the latest anti aging techniques. Not only is the facial magical and renewing but her products are affordabe and they work! He line is well researched and she takes the time to recommend and work with you on what combinations are best for your skin needs. I feel very lucky that BRS is minutes from where I live but would gladly travel many miles for her superior services. Also, she's just all around a kind, caring and lovely person.

Arava T. Claremont CA



I had my first facial from Cathy a few weeks ago, and I must say she really earns every one of the five stars! Not only was I able to notice a difference in my skin right after the first treatment but I was also highly pleased with the service I received. Everything was set up perfectly, had a little mint chocolate waiting for me on the treatment bed and even the music was nice. If you believe, just like me, that a great experience is in the details, BRS is the way to go.Also, the follow up products for skin care have worked great, my skin looks the healthiest it's looked in a long time; went from being somewhat dry and having breakouts to a very clean and moisturized skin. Truthfully, I can't wait to go back because it's an overall relaxing and satisfying experience from the second you walk in the door.

Jessica C. Chino, CA



Cathy and her spa are amazing. I have been going to her for many years and my experience has been great. I have been using her products as well. She do a great job analizing what the best thing to do for your skin and then makes her recommendation always keeping in mind your budget and the long term. I am 59 years old and people tell me all the time that I do not look 59...I really attibute that to Cathy and the treatments I have had over the years. I am now do the the C.A.T treatment and the results are amazing. Looking forward to many years of coming here. Very honest.

Denise L. Fontana CA


3-2014  In all fairness I cannot leave out the following review, although I would like to because it is not an accurate account.  This is the only negitive review to date.  Because of the inaccuracies I did post a response.  However, after posting my response she edited her original review which makes my response seem a bit disconnected due to the things she took out of her original review.  I have no control over any reviews when they're edited or otherwise it's done by the reviewer.  This specific review was written on Yelp, I encourage you to go there and read this reviewers other reviews of other businesses.  Clearly she just wants to vent. I apologize for the length of this one, feel free to scroll past it.  Leaving it out would be misleading so here you go.

Posted by Angelica T. Ontario Ca

The first One Hour Facial was excellent and priced right. The second, was One hour $70 ($10 off for referring my sister) and the Third $100, 45 minutes. Yesterday after being directed to the front desk I ask about pricing for 4th facial and I  ask about gift certificate, and how to determine time and pricing for facials. According to Kathy, I was told the duration of facial and pricing but don't remember getting info, specially on the length of time of the different facials. I remember at the end of the facials, she schedule appointment in the computer next to the treatment area and directed me to front desk for payment. I ended the my conversation with her over the phone telling her, I wanted to buy a gift certificate for my other sister and I was checking my schedule to schedule my fourth appointment. She said that if my sister wanted a facial to relax may be her services were not for my sister. I replied that I was going to leave it up to my sister. Next morning, I got a missed call from her -- I called her, she replied "I left a voice mail." I asked her if she could tell me. She replied "no, listen to your message, I have a client that just walked in." In her voice mail, she said that she was denying services to me and to my family because I was rude.  She argued, I received a card with pricing and length of facials but--I DID NOT!! In reading her reply to this review, I decided to check my records. I was there three times, tried to schedule the fourth time but was concern about affordability of escalating pricing. Yes, last time December. One of the reasons, I did not go back sooner was the unclear length and pricing on facials. Bottom line, my exact words were. "Kathy, I was very disappointed last time, because facial was 45 min not one hour and was more expensive. I continued saying " l am calling to schedule an appointment but before I do, I need to clarify the price and length of the facials" She replied explaining of the procedures and difference in between the facials.  I am very disappointed of her reaction and defensiveness, I don't think that was business appropriate. I only wanted info on timing and pricing on facials. She did not like that. I don't think her reaction was appropriate. I don't think she wanted my friend and family business since she asked me not to go and purchase the gift certificate and not to call for services.


My Response:

This is an inaccurate representation of what ultimately ended in BRS facial spa refusing service to this client.  All of our clients are always given prices.  We always leave time in our schedules to make sure our clients questions are answered.  Of course we love when our clients recommend us to their family and friends!  BRS does not advertise we grow by word of mouth.  We would never, and have never turned away a referral. However, we do reserve the right to turn away service of clients under certain conditions in order to protect ourselves and our patrons from an unpleasant experience.  This was the case with this client.




Cathy, her products, and her product selections are amazing! My sister, my mom, a fabulous family friend, and I went to a makeup event at the new BRS store in December. Cathy introduced us to a wonderful new makeup line called Youngblood. Since going to Cathy for nearly a year had seen my face amazingly improve and become healthier, I was in need of a lighter, more natural looking and feeling makeup. I didn't need the heavy stuff anymore because the blemishes and breakouts were a thing of the past. Cathy had a professional makeup artist give us all a free makeover and we were sold on all the products. I have been using the entire makeup line since then and I have gotten multiple comments on how good my face and my makeup look. Trust me when I say that's the first time that's ever happened (sad, I know). The makeup is light but provides full coverage. I never look like I have a "caked" face because the products blend in and look more natural as the day progresses. What's great is that Cathy carries the makeup line in her store and employs a makeup artist to assist curious clients. We are all Youngblood enthusiasts now and I encourage everyone to try it out and see and feel the difference! On a side note, I was late today to my appointment (rain + traffic=bad) but Cathy patiently waited for me and ensured I got the relaxing session I needed after my stressful 2 hour ride to get to her. She did the Modality treatment and it is worth every penny. Don't get me wrong, I like being pampered but the treatments she uses and the results I'm getting are worth bypassing the hand and arm massages. Cathy is phenomenal and I'm so grateful I found her on Yelp over a year ago.

Melissa H. Upland CA


Update from Melissa H. Upland CA

Cathy is amazing! She has brought moisture balance back to my face and I love the results. I rarely break out anymore and I love the products. I use them religiously and I feel like they are helping to stop the march of time across my face. She customizes every facial session and I always leave feeling amazing. Cathy is a walking advertisement for how well her sessions and products work. I always look forward to my appointments because its a productive hour of pampering and relaxation but also an investment in my future, plump, wrinkle-free face. :-)




Wow, what an amazing facial, different than any facial I have ever had.  My skin was left glowing after my first visit with Cathy.  She used all kinds of machines on me.  She explained them before she started.  It was the most relaxing facial I have had and the most detailed.  I don't think she missed a  thing.  My skin looks GREAT.  What a great find.  The receptionist  took  time helping me with makeup at the end.  The entire experience was personal, caring and just a delight.  the place is SUPER clean and inviting too.

Hanna E. Upland CA



I just finished the C.A.A.T. Therapy treatment, by Cathy.  My face is tighter and more plump.  I will be back for more of this!!!!!!!!  I have been seeing Cathy since 2010.  My skin has never looked better.  She is unique because she using all her tricky little machines and treatments.  My skin is always getting something different.  Her products are the BEST too!!!!  Highly recommend Cathy.

Michelle S. Newport Beach, CA




Wow! I have been receiving monthly facials from Cathy for over a year. My skin is in the best condition ever. Cathy recently added the Carboxy CO2 facial to my skin, I absolutely loved it and the results. Friends and family are asking what I did to my face. I just smile and say "It is all because of Cathy at BRS" If you haven't tried a facial from BRS.

Jen B, Upland CA



Every time I go for a facial I ask why I cannot get rid of this dry patch on my nose and above my eyebrow.  Everybody has told me I need more moisture, but it never goes away.  Cathy recommended I see my dermatologist because she said it could be a form of skin cancer.  She tried not to scare me, although it did.  Good thing I went!  I had 2 biopsies taken which  both came back Basil Cell Carsenoma.  I had it removed, I will be fine.  I'm grateful to Cathy knowing and caring enough to suggest I get checked out.  Maybe now I can get that facial and leave without those annoying dry patches.  I see Cathy again next month.

Maria M., Upland, CA


​My Mom gave me a facial with Cathy for part of my graduation gift.  It was the best facial!  She didn't hurt my face with painful extractions they do at other places I have been to.  Whatever she did got rid of my blackheads and my skin was super soft when I left.  I can't wait to go back next month, I am getting the Oxygen Facial I think :-)  Oh yeah, and she used some bubbly stuff that was amazing.

Kayla S.  Upland, CA

I had a GREAT experience here with Cathy, she is equally talented and kind. My skin enjoyed a soothing facial while I took in the ambient atmosphere. The space is small, but absolutely beautiful on the inside! I am so glad to have discovered Cathy and Beautiful Radiant Skin Facial Spa.
Mikayla R. Claremont, CA


Cathy has been taking care of my mug for a few years. I come from Orange County to see her.  Last week she gave me something called Carboxy because I have a reunion this weekend.  My skin looks exceptionally good.  The next morning it looked tighter and super smooth, I hardly needed make-up.  It was a relaxing facial, I especially loved how it felt when she put the mask on, it sizzled, it felt SUPER bubbly and intense, in a good way.  Different than anything else I have had.  Recommend this one!  I will be getting it again next visit :-)

Laurie M, Aliso Viejo, CA 



Love this place!  Cathy's facials are so relaxing that I joke with my girl's that it feels like a spiritual experience!!

Chickie, Santa Clarita CA


​I see Cathy once a month, sometimes more.  Been going to her since 2010 when the wife said my face needs work.  I no longer have ingrown hairs,  the bags under my eyes are gone. She seems to have people come to see her from all over the place.  That says something, especially with the high gas prices.  I use her products because they work.  I was never a product guy, like most guys I wash my face with shower soap.  The wife has it in the shower so I use it.  I noticed a difference, now I am a product guy.  

Steve H. Long Beach CA 


Cathy, I have been wanting to thank you for the amazing way my face looked after my last facial. I always enjoy your facials, but this last one my skin simply looked so smooth and my makeup went on flawlessly for several days afterwards. Thank you so much!!!!

Tama B. Rancho Cucamonga CA


Cathy's facials and products have worked wonders on my face.  After one facial and 2 months of using her products my acne has cleared up!  It's a relaxing experience with great results!

Jenna R.  Canyon Country CA


Thank you for another great facial, my skin is absolutely glowing this morning.

Lynda R. Claremont CA


​Cathy is amazing!  She has brought moisture balance back to my face and I love the results.  I rarely break out anymore and I love the products.  I use them religiously and I feel like they are helping to stop the march of time across my face.  She customizes every facial session  I always leave feeling amazing.  Cathy is a walking advertisement for how well her sessions and products work.  I always look forward to my appointments because its a productive hour of pampering and relaxation but also an investment in my future, plump, wrinkle-free face.  :-)

Melissa H.


I am in the middle of the RF treatment series with Cathy and boy how I wish I would have started this earlier.  I could see a difference after the first treatment, and it is getting better.  She has been telling me about this treatment for several months, I should have listened earlier.  My eyes look lifted, my jawline feels tighter, and the overall appearance of my skin is significantly better.  Impressed.

Emily H. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

1/10/2013 -  Kathy was kind enough to honor my voucher, even though it had expired.  I am so glad I found this place, what an incredible facial.  Cathy was very kind, attentive and helpful.  She really knows her stuff, she talked with me about all of my concerns and answered all my questions.  Best of all she sent me off with some wonderful samples of her products.  I love them, they work great and smell so very good.  I made another appointment to return.



I feel very fortunate to have found out about Beautiful Radiant Skin.  I have been going through some pretty distressing skin issues and Cathy is helping me through it.  She is both extremely knowledgeable (scientist!) and talented (artist!) in what she does.  I always feel very comfortable asking her questions as she is very warm and friendly.  Clearly, she genuinely cares about each of her clients.  I particularly like how she takes a holistic approach and discusses multiple factors that affect the health of my skin (exercise, diet etc.)  Furthermore, I look forward to each visit and treating myself to some "me time."  As for the product line she offers, it is wonderful and makes a positive difference on my skin.  Best of all, they're all natural and you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.  If you really want to pamper yourself (for very reasonable price, by the way) AND see results, see Cathy at BRS Facial Spa. 

Iris P. Pomona, Ca

12/17/2012 - I've been seeing Cathy for the last few years.  I had a facelift 10 years ago, it is beginning to show signs of aging.  I thought because I had a facelift it was not as important to take care of my skin as it was before.  I went in for a facial and Cathy explained how important is is to take care of the skin after a facelift to make it stay nice longer.  I started to see it sagging again so I had the Micro Current done.  It has helped a lot, also I notice that my Botox lasts much longer when I am taking care of my skin.  I am not going to sign with my name because my friends do not know I had a facelift :-)  But I had to give Cathy credit for putting me straight.  I love her products too, my husband is happy I am not asking for more work.



12/15/2012 - Looked up a place for a Microdermabrasion online and found this place.  I got much more than a microdermabrasion.  My skin was absolutely glowing when I left, so much so that my husband noticed it.  Cathy was kind and professional, the place is very cute, quiet and parking was easy.  Great find.

Sarah M. Upland, Ca




I just finished a 8 week series of micro-current treatment and have been using Cathy's products for the same amount of time.  I can see a noticeable difference in my skin.  It looks and feels healthy and skin glows!  I'm very happy with the results and I love Cathy.  She is positive, confident and funny and her skin is unreal; I find myself just staring at her face because her skin is so perfect.  I have been getting facials and skin care treatment for years....I'm sticking with Cathy and BRS.

​Diane S, Upland Ca

10/03/2012 - I love Cathy and what her facials and products have done for my skin.  She makes it such a wonderful experience.  I always look so forward to each time together. ​

Nancy W.

8/18/2012 - Cathy is amazing, what can I say.  I began going to her just over two years ago at the suggestion of a friend.  Suffice it to say, I haven't stopped.  The level of professionalism is INCREDIBLE.  Its you and only you when you're being treated.  She takes her time, uses products "Au Natural" from her line, which I truly believe are great and VERY affordable.  I recommend EVERYONE to her who is trying to assist with the aging process or just wants assistance with good skin care at ANY age.  Cathy is the real deal.  Oh yeah.....she ain't gonna bombard you with trying to buy $200+ products like most salons on your first visit......(I hate that).  But, I encourage you to ask about them cause they are GOO- good!

Yolanda A

7/19/2012 - I have had several facials from Cathy and it is a wonderful experience.  She provides a wonderful calming environment with a facial that is also so calming.  My skin feels wonderful when she's finished.  I also love her products that are so pure and amazing for your skin.  I can't wait until the next one.

Sarah W.

04/18/2012 - Excited about this place, so different and the best facial I have ever had.  5 stars all the way.  Thank you Cathy.

Rianna W. Rancho Cucamonga


4/28/2012 - Cathy is amazing!  All the facials are custom.  She gives your skin what it needs.  The products really absorb into your skin and the pricing is reasonable.  They are her formula so you're not paying extra money for fancy packaging and advertising.  She knows what works when it come to skincare as she has pretty much tried it all herself.  You always leave feeling radiant.

Sylvia S. LaVerne, Ca


​2/4/2012 -  BRS is professional, high quality facial spa with affordable prices!  I highly recommend!  I use their products as well and have had a lot of compliments on my skin.  Don't miss out and do it for yourself!  You are worth it and Cathy will make sure of that!!

Shannon L. Covina Ca


01/20/2012 - Hands down the best facial and micro I've ever had.  The owner is absolutely knowledgeable, kind and has an amazing product line of her own.  I will continue to go there.

Gina C. West Covina, Ca


1/3/2012 - I've been going to Cathy for almost a year now and I love her.  I was scared to try someone new after moving far away from the place I use to go to but I'm glad I took a chance.  Cathy explains in detail what she recommends for you and goes step by step on what shes doing if you've never had it done before.  What I also love is that she examines your skin every time you go in and knows exactly what your skin is going through and what treatment it needs.  I've seen a great difference with my skin and I didn't have bad skin to begin with.  I love how personal her spa is, her facials are relaxing, and she is so loving a professional.  She makes you feel special and gives all of her attention to you.  Her prices for services and products are very reasonable and worth every penny.  I'll be staying with Cathy as long as she'll have me!

Flora V. Pomona, Ca




12/28/2012 - Both Cathy and her treatments were spectacular and first class!  What a find!!!!  I'm thrilled with the service and results.  Never-mind that she's a walking commercial for her regimen (she looks 15 years younger than she is!) Her treatment was specialized, superb and sublime, not to mention--she's just FUN!!  Love the location too.  Will definitely be back, she obviously has found the secret to the fountain of youth.

Leslie B.




12/2/11 - Took advantage of the Yelp deal and I'm SUPER glad I did.  I'm going to be on my fourth session of microdermabrasion (one at least every other week) and have already noticed some great results.  How great?  As far as my makeup regimen, I went from six year of Estee Lauder coverage to Bare Minerals!  Not trying to advertise here, but that was pretty big deal to me, especially after Cathy informed me of the evils of liquid foundation, I've also been sticking to her products since we started and they've been working great with my skin.  I can now look in the mirror makeup free without feeling bummed out.  Gaining confidence is a major plus.  I'm very grateful to have found this lovely little spa and Cathy!  Top notch customer service.

​Joan S.




11/30/2012 - Great Facial, best Microdermabrasion I have ever had, made another appointment before I left.  Thumbs up for sure.

Bobbie S

11/15/2011 - It has been a long time since my last facial, but I have had many over the years.  I think the reason I don't go more often is because I never felt like I was getting anything more than a super wash.  Cathy used different things, I don't even know what, lol.  The facial was much more than a day at the spa, I left with different skin than I showed up in.  I go once monthly to see Cathy and can't image going anywhere else.





7/19-2011 - I am a continuing customer of BRS.  I use the products daily and they truly make a difference.  The facials are customized and Cathy makes sure I am will taken care of.  The spa is holistic and the atmosphere is wonderful and healthy feeling.  Cathy is a beautiful person inside and out and I know I am in good hands with her services.. Her prices are very reasonable and she has a great network of other services that can be recommended when in need.  That you Cathy!

Dolores V.



7/18/2011 - I can't believe I haven't reviewed Cathy's facials yet!  The way we met was she offered some skin care classes parties and I won a free one.  My girlfriends had a great time enjoying some wine and cheese, some great skin care tips and products and getting to know Cathy.  I highly recommend trying a class if you haven't yet.  Anyway, we were all impressed with 1) Cathy's skin -- she's basically a walking commercial for her skills. 2)  Cathy's warm manner and no-pressure approach.

I finally got around to booking a facial for myself a few months ago and I can  honestly say that she gives the best facials I've every had.  For me, I look for the best bang for my buck.  I have been to some decent facials at cosmetology schools that were dirt cheap and some crummy facials at overprices, high end spas.  Cathy is the best balance of both worlds.  Her prices are beyond reasonable for the atmosphere, treatment and knowledge she offers.  She pays attention to every detail, customizes the facial, even as she goes along (when she tried out the oxygen mask on me and I didn't like it, she immediately took it off and replaced it with another treatment that was more to my liking) and lavishes you with personalized treatment that you would expect at a much more expensive spa (and sometimes don't get there)  But seriously, just check out her skin.  The woman is unreal - if she can that for herself, I'm pretty sure she can help me out! LOL

Yolonda M.



6/22/2011 - After a particularly stressful week, I decided my skin was in need of some pampering.  I decided to try Beautiful Radiant Skin Spa in Claremont.  I am happy I did.  The spa is easy to find and the atmosphere in the spa is serene and peaceful.  Cathy is so knowledgeable and gave me the best facial.  My skin was literally glowing afterwards.  An added bonus is her custom natural product line that works great for my sensitive skin.  I will definitely be returning.

Autom S.

6/15/2011 - What a great place to go for a facial.  I have been going to Cathy for a while now and even use her own product line.  She provides a great service, good value and great atmosphere.  She has a variety of services that provide instant rejuvenation!!!  The best.

Denise L.



11/04/2010 - Awesome Service!  Cathy emanates her passion through her pores.  She is a delightful host and esthetician.  She takes a sincere interest in helping people feel welcome and enhance their beautiful selves with natural remedies that her creativity and deep knowledge of skin care ingredients and remedies provide.  She is extremely accommodating and attentive to her clients.  Very economical prices, so you gotta treat yourself to this every once in a while.  Try it!




08/04/2010 - Found this gem a few weeks ago and have had 2 facials by the owner, Cathy.  She really goes the extra mile, spends a lot of time with me, gives me good advice and answers all my questions.  I have used the products for 2 weeks and have seen an improcement in my skin already.  I recommend this place.








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