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October 26, 2020

If you are in need of picking up product at the spa between your appointments follow these directions for easy pick-up. Ordering online for in-store pickup has been too confusing for most clients.  This is a very simple and straightforward way to pick up your products between visits.


Please text or call 909-626-0222 with the product(s) you wish to pick-up.  You will set up a day and time to drop in to purchase your product.  Please show up on time, as pick-up times are scheduled, in a 20 minute time slot, between clients.  You will pay when you pick up your product.  Your order will be set aside for you, ready to go when arrive :-)

October 20, 2020

Earlier, this year, I (Cathy Hille taking all the bashing for this decision) told everybody that the Grandfathered-In prices would stand. However, I spoke too soon. Not realizing, at the time, just how much the cost of running the business would increase due to the Pandemic. Every single aspect of running our business has gone up, significantly! Since Janet is taking over the business, I feel it is imperative to set her up for success. I wholeheartedly regret having to revoke the $100 Grandfathered-In price beginning in November 2020. This is the ONLY change. Nothing else has changed. The regular cost for the Modality treatment has been $120 for 5 years, it remains at $120. It's only the Grandfathered-In price that has been changed to the regular price.  I've done my homework, I challenge you to find a facial with all these treatments for such a great price.

A Modality Facial Includes the following Modalities as needed for each client.

  • Double Cleanse

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion of face, neck & chest

  • Ultrasonic Deep Exfoliation for deep pore cleaning

  • Ultrasound Therapy for Lift

  • High Frequency Purification to kill bacteria and purify the skin

  • L.E.D. Photo Rejuvenation for Collagen Building & Purification

  • Oxygen Purification for circulation and purification

  • Neck & Chest Exfoliation and Hydration

  • Finishing Masque with Hot/Cold Therapy



September 6th 2020

Taking 4pm Friday appointments.....

Beginning right away, we are booking 4pm appointments on Fridays.  I used to finish taking clients half day on Fridays. If you would like to nail down a 4pm Friday appointment rotation, we can book you through 2021 if you want.  All our Fridays are completely booked so we added 2 extra spots before we open on Saturday for the overflow.  Text 909-626-0222 if you would like to reserve Friday 4pm rotation for several months out.  We're noticing a huge influx of new clients.  This is good for us. But sadly the reason is because many businesses have had to close their doors permanently due to Covid.  My heart goes out to these people.  I know how much of our heart and soul is invested in our businesses.  

September 6th 2020


Planning ahead for the winter months..........

It's probably likely there will be a few bad snow days during the winter months.  If and when this happens we may not be able to get to work, from the mountain, if the snow conditions are bad.  If this happens, and you have an appointment, please know that anyone who is impacted will be offered another day in that same week........on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  Worst case scenario it will be the following week, on one of the same days.  Since we have a 4 day work week it is very easy to rebook on one of our days off if we need to.  So don't worry, you will be taken care of.  Wanted to give you all a heads up though, because there will be a few days when this is an issue.  Especially if there is ice on the roads. 


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