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September 20th 2020

Available Soon!

Save $ pick up your product in-store 

Soon you will be able, to once again, order your products online for in-store pick-up.  This will save you the cost of shipping and tax.  You will save a minimum of $8 an order.  A link will be provided, on this website, where you can order in advance. Your products will put set aside for you, paid in full & ready for pick-up at your designated time.  You do need to schedule your pick-up time to avoid showing up while another client is being served.  Simply text 909-626-0222 to schedule.  Pick-up times are between client appointments so it's very important to be on time.  Our door is never opened when we're with a client.



September 6th 2020

Taking 4pm Friday appointments.....

Beginning right away, we are booking 4pm appointments on Fridays.  I used to finish taking clients half day on Fridays. If you would like to nail down a 4pm Friday appointment rotation, we can book you through 2021 if you want.  All our Fridays are completely booked so we added 2 extra spots before we open on Saturday for the overflow.  Text 909-626-0222 if you would like to reserve Friday 4pm rotation for several months out.  We're noticing a huge influx of new clients.  This is good for us. But sadly the reason is because many businesses have had to close their doors permanently due to Covid.  My heart goes out to these people.  I know how much of our heart and soul is invested in our businesses.  

September 6th 2020


Planning ahead for the winter months..........

It's probably likely there will be a few bad snow days during the winter months.  If and when this happens we may not be able to get to work, from the mountain, if the snow conditions are bad.  If this happens, and you have an appointment, please know that anyone who is impacted will be offered another day in that same week........on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  Worst case scenario it will be the following week, on one of the same days.  Since we have a 4 day work week it is very easy to rebook on one of our days off if we need to.  So don't worry, you will be taken care of.  Wanted to give you all a heads up though, because there will be a few days when this is an issue.  Especially if there is ice on the roads. 

September 5th 2020

I have set up the ability for clients to pay for their services online.  You can pay before you arrive or you can pay, online through your phone, after your service.  This is being offered for a couple of reasons.  It is nice for those who want to pay in advance.  It is also nice to pay on your phone if you don't want to use the credit card machine or use your card during Covid.  There are 2 things to keep in mind though, before you purchase, and  they are both  SUPER important. 


(1)  You will want to check with Janet or Cathy to make sure you are purchasing the right treatment for your visit.  Tips cannot be accepted online, cash will work though :-)  

(2)  The price for each service has been reduced by $9.50 because the website will charge $9.50 for shipping.  There is no way to eliminate this charge without messing up the products that are also purchased and shipped from the website.  It is a wash.  You will see a shipping charge for $9.50 but the total price has been reduced by the same amount.


For the time being you can complete these transactions by following this link.  CLICK HERE  It will take you to Beautiful Radiant Skin Products website where we can accept payment.  Once I retire Janet will be accepting this same payment method on this website.   We will change the link to direct you to this site when that happens.  It will be seamless for you guys.  In the meantime the green shopping cart at the top right side of this page is inactive.  It will populate when switched to this site.  


From the link provided above, in green, scroll to the bottom of the product page and lastly you will see the list of services you can purchase online, signified by a huge smiley face.  I used the smiley face to make it impossible to confuse with product purchases.  


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