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Questions From Readers


Grab a cup of tea and settle in.  If you have any questions of your own please go to the "Contact" tab at the top of the page to submit your questions.  I do my best to answer your questions in a timely manner.


Enjoy :-)

Question:  fulloffun  Anaheim, CA

​I have acne. What is the best treatment for me?



I wish I could give you a generic answer, I can’t.  Acne may “look” the same on everybody, but the causes and it’s treatments are different for everybody.  It’s best to have your skin evaluated first, along with that will come a series of questions to help your Esthetician better asses what may be causing your specific issues.  For example, some people are allergic to dairy and this is the cause of their acne, with others it may be genetic or some other allergy they may not be aware they have.  Acne can be caused by hormonal upset, stress, and other illness as well.  What you put on your face is very important.  Most try to cover it up with heavy make-up, making the problem worse.  Some will respond to lasers while others will not.  Treating acne is a trial and error situation.  It’s something that needs to be figured out.  I’ll be honest, there is no one right answer and there is no “cure” it can only be treated so the breakouts are less often and less severe.  ALL clients with acne REQUIRE an ongoing treatment cycle.  If, for example, you get a series of treatments and your acne gets a lot better, or even  goes away, this does not mean you are done.  You MUST follow the recommendations given to you by your skin care professional to keep it that way. A good at home skin care routine is very important.  I can’t tell you how many people I see, and whose acne improves greatly, only to never see them again until the acne comes back.  And it will come back if you don’t follow through.  Again, an analogy that always works is the exercise and weight loss analogy.  If you stop exercising and eating healthy after you lose weight, the weight will come back.  It's the way it is.

Question:  babydestructo los Angeles, CA


I am considering doing the Titan with the following specifications: 35 fluences. Looking at other posts on the titan, it seems like people think this laser emits radio frequency (rf), but it actually advertises itself not as a RF laser, but rather a tightening laser that emits infrared light (1100?1800 nm). Should I be concerned with any long-term negative effects from this laser such as loss of collagen/dimpling? Is it safe? It?s been out since 2005. Is that enough time for any possible long-term negative effects to surface? I now that infrared light is supposed to be safe at lower frequencies (under1100), but what about frequencies up to 1800? Any response would be greatly appreciated!



It's Infrared. The reviews on the Titan are mixed. I would make sure the doctor doing the treatment has a good track record, check references from his/her clients if possible. I prefer RF Radio Frequency Treatments, same results much less risk.  Some of the issues I've researched with the Titan is a rippling affect of the skin after the treatment, especially in the forehead area.  There are also risks with the RF Radio Frequency, but it's a bit less.  With the RF Radio Frequency the most common adverse side affect is caused simply by an inexperienced user.  If the setting is too high, for example, it can cause fat loss, which is the last thing you want when using on the face.  The RF Radio Frequency can be used on face or body.  On the body it is most commonly used for fat depletion.  So you see, the person administering the treatment needs to be well educated on it's use to know when the settings are correct for the part of the body it is being used.


Question:  billie_77  Manchester, United Kingdom

Would you please enlighten as to the difference between Microdermabrasion & Dermabrasion. I'm confused as to the methods & benefits of each of these treatments.



Basically Dermabrasion goes deeper. Like the name suggests.."micro" dermabrasion is a less invasive exfoliation. Both exfoliate.  There is little to no down time with the Micro-Dermabrasion, but with the Dermabrasion there could be some down time depending how deep the treatment.  Hope this helps.


Question:  Tina From Front Royal VA

I had aggressive treatments of IPL and Fraxel on my upper lip to help supposedly correct my pigmentation problem I had from medicine and sun tanning. Now the problem is worse (I think because I had to many treatments and also she used the strongest setting). It is worse then what it was and she then said to strat tri-luma. Nothing is helping the damage that the laser did and I am now looking for other solutions (I can't see looking like this for the rest of my life). Please help me. Should I try microdermabrasion or a peel? I want something that will not make the problem worse. I wish I never listened to the doctor and used laser. Please help!


Get your doctor to prescribe a 6% Hydroquinone Cream combined with Retin-A. Do not do another laser treatment. It will take a couple of skin cycles to lighten, but it will as long as you use sunscreen and stay out of the sun. Typically I do not like the use of Retin-A because of the drying caused, but in this situation it is more important to attack the hyper-pigmentation and you can deal with correcting the pH Balance after.

Question:     Neets From Phoenix AZ


​I've been reading a lot lately about topical stable vitamin C to improve collagen production, tighten skin, lessen wrinkles etc.  is there truth to this?  Can you use it while also doing glycolic peels?  How soon before you see results from Vitamin-C?  And is there a brand you would recommend?


 Yes!  Vitamin-C is one of the best vitamins to use topically, as well as internally.  Vitamin-C used topically helps fight free radicals, especially those caused by the sun.  Vitamin-C, by itself, will not cause collagen production, however, because of the degree in which it helps fight free radicals it will result in the collagen you do have staying in tact, thus helping your skin to age slower.  There are other products better suited to collagen production.  Vitamin-C can be used after glycolic peel, just wait 48 hours after the peel to use it.  The Vitamin-C I recommend is from Beautiful Radiant Skin, it's made from organic citrus fruits, with amino acids and are clinical grade and professional strength.  Apply after cleansing and softening to face, neck and chest.  Allow to penetrate, and follow with moisturizer.


Question:   From  AZDesertGal

 I had collagen replacement therapy with roller needles 6 weeks ago and was told I will not see any difference for 3 months.  A friend told me I should get a roller and use it a few times a week to speed this up and to maintain it.  Should I buy a 1.5 mm roller with 540 titanium needles as someone suggested?  What ingredients should be in the product I apply when using roller to face for my lines and wrinkles?  I am not sure which collagen booster I should buy and want to find out what ingredients I should look for.  Also I have a very low pain tolerance and need to know what I need to use before rolling.


 The improvement you will see from the roller is caused from slightly damaging the skin in a controlled manner causing it to heal the skin where the damaged was inflicted.  The skin in the damaged area grow stronger as a result.  That being said, it is not unlike exercise, for example.  when we exercise we cause controlled damage to the muscle and tissue resulting in the soreness experienced after a workout.  The body sends energy tot he damaged tissue to heal it resulting in stronger tighter muscles.  As we all know, when we stop exercising the results go away.  Same is true for this type of facial rejuvenation, it requires constant attention.  Once you stop using the roller the results will diminish   For this reason I prefer peels as a means of controlled damage to the skin.  Peels only need to be done a few times a year at most.  The ingredients to look for in your skin care line are ingredients that will both help the damaged skin to heal and also promote collagen development.  Ingredients to look for are:   Peptides,  Penapeptides, Marine Collagen, Hyalouronice Acid, Vitamins A, B5, B6, C,E,F,K  and RNA, DNA, Bio Active Properties, Live Cell Complex, and Hydroplex.  All of these ingredients are in Beautiful Radiant Skin line of skin care products.  Also make sure to check that the "active" ingredients are high on the list so you know there is enough in there to actually work.  


​ Question:  From  alison1298

 Does Microdermabrasion stretch skin leading to wrinkles, and does it provoke the capillaries to become viable over a period of time?


 If Microdermabrasion is not done correctly it could cause all of the things you mention.  If done correctly it is a very very good treatment for most.  The most important setting on all microdermabrasion machines is the suction setting.  This setting should be set only high enough to vacuum the dry skin cells being removed without pulling too much on the skin.  Also the technique the Esthetician uses is very important.  The skin needs to be held taunt, but not stretched tight.  Again, it comes down to going to someone who is experienced and has a lot of practical applications under his/her belt.


​ Question:  From  Rom Rom               

I had received a RF treatment, but after my face became very hollow, it looks like it lost a lot of fat and collagen.  How long does it take to recover?


 The RF Treatment works through heat which is generated by Radio Frequency.  The higher setting are for the body only and NOT the face.  When used on the body it is supposed to have this response because it's main purpose on the body is to lessen the fat.  This is NOT what we want when applied to the face, for obvious reasons.  Higher is not always better, sounds to me like the machine was set too high.  The results of the RF Treatment when used on the face is a lifted fuller look.  It is possible to be overly aggressive and end up with the result you are describing.  The person administering the treatment should know how high to set the machine!  The good news is as long as you stop the treatment your skin will return to it's previously treated state over time.  RF Radio Frequency is one of the treatments I do all of the time, several times each day, and always with great results.  It is a wonderful treatment when done with proper protocol.  In the mean time make sure you are using good products to help build the collagen to help fill in the hallow areas.



 Question:  From SpeedyGonzo


  Do I need to change my skin care products because they stop working after a while? 


This is a question I hear often.  The short answer is no.  People have told me they are concerned that their skin has "gotten too used their current products and they think they need to change it up. This is simply not true.  Do not believe this myth.  It is equally untrue for your hair care products.  Here's the deal, your skin care does not stop working and your skin does not get used to it requiring a change.  It is your skin that changes, not the products you use on them.  This is why it is so important to have your skin analyzed a few times a year, especially if you are over the age of 35.  many factors affect the condition of your skin.  After all your skin is the larges organ in your body, to expect it remain the same year after year is not realistic   Things like stress, hormone fluctuations, lifestyle choices, diet, alcohol consumption medication all affect your skin.  When you think your skin care has stopped working it is time for a skin "check-up" to make sure the changes your skin is going through do not require to change how you care for it.  

My clients are the perfect example.  During the summer months I move many of them to a different cleanser and moisturizer  maybe add or take a way and elixir depending on need, because their skin has changed in response to the seasons and all that goes along with how they live their lives during that season.   The holidays are another great example, often times it is necessary to boost the topical vitamins and increase the moisture during the cold winter months and the stressful months of the holiday season.

So there it is.....your products do not stop is your skin that changes. Make sense?  


​Question:  From Cindy C.

How well does the Clarisonic Skin Brush work?  It costs a lot more than many others I see and want to know if it is worth it.

​ Answer:​

​ I actually get asked this a lot, so here's my opinion.  Just remember, you  The sonic action, when asked professionally is used primarily to deposit product deeper into the skin.  The exfoliation portion of the ultrasonic application is secondary, sort of a bonus if you will.  The Clarisonic vibrates at about 300 Mhz times per second, as compared to the professional machines that work at 1 million Mhz times per second.  Clarisonic claims it only needs to be used for 1 minute a day, twice a day.  the professional machine doesn't even work that fast, so how can Clarisonic?  

The theory behind the Clarisonic is accurate....that we must exfoliate the skin first before product can penetrate deeper.  I preach this on a daily basis.  But that's the kicker for me.....sonic or ultrasonic action's main purpose, as mentioned above, is to deposit product deeper not to exfoliate......exfoliation is secondary.  This is why I prefer to exfoliate with a product or machine designed specifically for exfoliation which will allow product to deposit deeper into the layers of the skin.  

I do not believe that any at home ultrasonic or microcurrent machine is strong enough to affect change.  They have to be manufactured with safeguards in place so people do not harm themselves, thus, making them not very effective.  For example, the professional ultrasonic machine used in my office can actually burn to the bone if not used correctly.  So for obvious reasons the over the counter types cannot perform at the same level.

What I recommend to my clients is that they use a good rotating facial brush that thoroughly exfoliates the skin by removing the dead skin cells,  thus allowing the products applied after cleansing to deposit deeper. That being said, I do not believe the Clarisonic is worth the money.


Question:  From Aimee M.

​I love your products!  You sent me some last month and I can honestly say I see a difference in my skin already!  I got the basic kit to try, I like it so much I want to add the other products now.  Which product do you recommend for lift?  I Hope you remember me, we Skyped before I ordered?  


Yes Aimee, I remember you! It's nice to hear from you again, I'm very happy you are enjoying the products, I thought you would.  FYI, I keep a file on all SKYPE clients and any client that orders from me, that way I have a history and can look back to help them.

 Well I just DOUBLED the amount of the active ingredient "Hexapeptide-3" in the Firm & Lift Elixir.  With continued use you will see a big difference, especially around the eyes and mouth.  Here's some product info for you.  

Firm & Lift Elixir is a unique skin firming, and lifting treatment combines advanced anti aging Hexapeptide-3,  multi-peptides with lifting seaweed and moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid in a silky fluid suspension. Multi-peptides and Hexapeptide-3  help to reduce the intensity and frequency of muscle contractions. This assists in preventing and improving the appearance and depth of fine lines caused by facial expression. Contains Pentapeptides for improved Collagen and Elastin production to further reduce and slow the formation of new lines and wrinkles. Apply a small amount to targeted areas. Especially effective around eyes, forehead and upper lips. May be used on the entire face and neck. Use twice daily. Follow with moisturizer. Recommended for all non-problem skin types.

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