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This is a peel you purchase to apply at home once a week, or once every other week.  It has about 24 applications in one kit.  It is half the cost of an in-office peel and MUCH more effective for dark spots & Melasma.  This peel will not give you the traditional obvious peeling experienced with in-office peels.  Your skin will shed in a much more preferable manner, much less obvious to others.  You will notice a dry tight feeling and you will notice a course texture to your skin while it is working, this is caused from the dead skin getting ready to release.  

This peel uses a Mandelic Acid designed specifically for anti-aging, dark spots and Melasma, although it also helps with adult breakouts very nicely.  The cost is $160.00 and comes with the instructions you see on this page.  I will also go over the instructions with you to be sure you completely understand how to use it and to answer any of your questions.

This process is done for 8 to 12 consecutive weeks.  You may choose to apply it weekly or bi-weekly.  During the process you will notice a shedding of the dry dead skin cells about 3 days following the application of the peel.  This shedding lasts a couple of days.  The dry skin is easily hidden under moisturiser so you can go to work and go about your regular business.

Once you are finished with the peeling process your skin will be:

Brighter and more luminous with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Breakouts will have been reduced or gone and the texture will be smooth and soft.

I LOVE this peel!!  My favorite, by far, you will love it too.

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