This offer is being held over through 2020.  Simply let me know, when you book your appointment you would like this treatment.  Advanced notice is appreciated to make sure the product for this treatment is in stock.



I won't lie, it gets pretty gnarly. See a lot of photos of what to expect on the facebook page. 


The most aggressive, yet safe, way to catch up on time lost is to opt for the TCA in-office Peel. This is a medium to deep peel. You will have 7 days of down time. It will allow you to skip many weeks of catching up. Followed by the Vitamin-C Infusion 2 weeks later with a deep micro-dermabrasion to remove the remaining dead skin. If you are using the Progressive Peel, at home, this will give you EVEN better results from the TCA deeper peel. Bonus, we're all wearing masks so most of your peeling face will be covered when you're out of the house.

This peel includes a peeling of the eyelids and under eye area to help with crepey skin and dark circles. A mix of different strength acids is used for these areas. It's a wonderful treatment with great results.

Regular Price: $540 including the 2 week follow-up & Whitening Elixir used for 2 weeks prior to your peel.


SAVE $100


Good to purchase at this special price through 2020. Please know you need to buy before the end of the year, but you can opt for the service whenever you like, even if in 2021. This will be posted in "Monthly Facials" online. It will require 2 weeks of prepping with the "Whitening Elixir" which is included in the special price.



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