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October 20th, 2020

Today skincare services have been given permission to reopen.  All Covid-19 protocols are strictly adhered to.  Read below for more information on the protocols in place for your protection and ours.


August 31st, 2020

When we reopen please know we are following all CDC requirements.  We are Covid-19 Certified and Infection Control Certified. You will be in good hands.  You can expect a Covid questionnaire to be sent to you within 24 hours of your appointment.  It is REQUIRED you send it back right away.  It will be sent through text and you can fill it out from your phone or computer.  Failure to fill it out will result in your appointment being rescheduled.  In addition to the CDC requirements we have added a UV-C sterilization light which kills viruses including Covid virus.  It runs all day in the suite.


July 13th

Personal services were ordered to close again, today, due to the rise in Covid-19 cases.  All appointments are cancelled until further notice.  BRS will reopen just as soon as we are given the green light to do so.  Everyone will be notified and rescheduled.  Please order your products online for the time being.  The prices are the same online as they are in-store.  To help off-set shipping charges please use this code at checkout to save 10% on your entire order.  The code is:  BRSdeals.

May 19th 2020

Hello Everyone,

Cathy & Janet here with some information for you and your appointments going forward.  First and foremost let us say this,  we hope you, your families & friends are all safe and well.  This, by far, is the most important thing. Secondly, and just as important, we want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have been so patient and understanding through all of this.  Thank you for your product orders and all of your well wishes.  Truly means so much 💓

We might be handling the business a bit differently than some others in the field.  We have not decided to leave our books blank with the hopes of refilling them later when the CDC gives us the green light to open.  Many of you schedule a year in advance and are already on the books.  Thank God for you guys because if we had to look at a blank book we would be a lot more anxious about what to expect when things return to normal.  Well.......when we are able to live our "new" normal 🌿

For our piece of mind and for planning and inventory purposes we prefer to have clients booked in advance.  That being said, this means you have all received more than a few messages from BRS stating we need to cancel and rebook.  Again, thank you for your patience and willingness to re-book.  We are blessed to have such a strong and dedicated clientele, now more than ever before 🌻  

We were sure by May 26th we would have the green light to reopen.  I, (Cathy) even took and extra week because my husband was supposed to be having hip surgery.  Which many of know, was cancelled due the Covid pandemic 😥  Last week I learned that Optima Salon Suites, where my office is located, has made the decision to NOT allow any businesses to reopen yet. All of us are at the mercy of Optima Salon Suites as well as the CDC and the County Of San Bernardino giving us access again to our businesses.  We are not physically locked out, but I went into my office yesterday to gather some things and they have the electricity turned off to all of our suites.  I'm sure this is to protect Optima from any business owner that goes rogue and decides to open before the County or State gives the okay to do so.

Once we do reopen you should know Janet & I have taken all the courses on Covid-19 Sanitation Requirements and are certified.  We both have always been excellent with sanitation, but there are some new rules put in place by the State Board of California as well as the State of California.  These things must be done before reopening, and we can expect inspections.  So we're ready for you.  You will enjoy a safe & comforting environment.  The main thing you will notice is we will be wearing a mask & gloves during your service and probably a face shield as well.  The face shield is optional, but because I have a heart condition & Janet has asthma we are hoping it's not too irritating to wear the shield just to add that extra level of protection. We have added a UV-C whole room sterilizer unit.  UV-C has been proven to clean and sanitize and protect from many pathogens including Covid-19.  There has always been hand sanitizer for you, that won't change. The cleaning solutions have changed, but that is done between each client so you won't see any differences there.  You will notice the hand lotion has been removed, State Board is not giving us the green light on sampling products yet, might not ever.  *****Oooooo  I Just had a thought.  I wonder how Ulta and places like that are going to do to do with that new rule*****  Okay back to the subject at hand 🌺

YOUR APPOINTMENTS -  We do have a full book, as usual.  Everyone has been re-booked as the CDC keeps extending the stay at home orders.  We will continue to re-book everyone in this manner so please respond to any text messages from BRS so you can make sure you on the books.  We do highly recommend you book for the entire year, if you can.  This way if your appointment is cancelled you simply wait until the next month. As we understand it, spas are in the 3rd phase of reopening because it is impossible to keep 6 feet apart.  When this will happens depends on how well we do in phase 2.  

PRODUCT PURCHASE & PRICES - Due to the trickle down affect prices across the board, in every industry, are being affected.  For my business, specifically, this means the prices of the following things have increased.  Manufacturing the products due to an increase in sourcing ingredients, packaging has gone up on all bottles, lids & labels.  Shipping supplies like boxes, popcorn stuffing to protect the products during transit have all gone up, even tape to close the boxes has gone up.  UPS raised their shipping costs and the USPS is about to raise theirs as well.  All products we use on the back-bar, products that are from other companies not mine, have gone up.  Like the Vitamin-C Infusions supplies for example , alcohol, peels etc.  In an attempt to make things as simple and straightforward as possible the only change you will notice is the in-store prices on all products and the online ordering prices are now the same. This simply could not be avoided. Please keep in mind BRS has not raised product prices in over 5 years, so there's that. 

MY RETIREMENT PLANS & CANCELLATION POLICY - I am still going to retire, just not sure when.  Most likely it will I will be completely phased out by  end of 2020. Janet will be taking over full time.  On the bright side we (Janet & I ) have had a ton more time to work together so that's great.  We've been enjoying extra time training, and you all benefit as well 🌷


As things have unfolded it is necessary for my husband and I (Cathy & Tom) to make our move to the mountain sooner rather than later.  We are moving for good on June 7th.  It would not be responsible of us to keep paying for the apartment simply to make it more convenient for me to commute to work since I am earning so little income at this time.  That being said I will be commuting from the mountain everyday to work.  Janet & I will be carpooling.  It is SUPER important you give us at least 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.  We WILL be implementing the no-show or late cancellation notice policy which you can read here. I have always been very lenient with this policy but we cannot afford to be any longer.  So please READ THE POLICY! 

In closing, we look  forward to seeing you when the time is right.  As always, I will keep you all in my thoughts, meditations and prayers.  Hang in there everyone 🙏☯🕉❣

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